Guestroom Remodel, La Fonda on the Plaza La Plazuela at La Fonda on the Plaza Sky City Cultural Center & Haakú Museum Private Residence, Santa Fe, NM

Our Vision
We create Woven Architecture™ by integrating each client’s project vision, beliefs, and stories with the elements of light, material and space. The result manifests a unique sense of place having deep personal meaning and cultural significance.

In business since 1998, BFA+D engages in projects we are passionate about. We have a proven track record of innovative and thoughtful design solutions for both new construction and building rehabilitation. With a strong understanding of each project’s objectives, we work closely with our Client and project team to solidify the vision, establish requirements for building systems, materials and maintenance, and create interior details that represent each Client’s aesthetic requirements and budget.

We also value the importance of sustainable architecture and design and

what it means to both the quality and resource base of our water, land and air. Successful design is a series of steps taken together that builds pride of place, shared enjoyment, and the consciousness that we are working together to protect our living environment. We proceed with the utmost care and consideration of the project vision, human resources, and natural/local environment. We include local craftsmen, artisans and materials whenever possible, since combining our resources creates a greater sense of community ownership and pride as well as supports our local economies.